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If you want more quality time with your friend, let’s discuss what we can do to give the gift of Five More Years!!  

One way  is regular dental cleanings. The most common pet disease is dental disease. As many as 75% of pets have some dental disease by 2 years old! Lifelong health depends a great deal on the health of the teeth and gums.  Dental disease can lead to kidney disease, liver disease,

heart disease and is linked to uncontrolled diabetes! Protect the lifelong health of your friend, protect his or her teeth!

The American Veterinary Dental Society recommends dogs and cats have a dental by 5 years old, and yearly dentals after 5.  Dogs less than 20 pounds have the most dental disease, and need a dental by 2-3 years old and yearly dentals after 5.  If you would like more information please watch our dental video  or call us with any questions.  If you are ready to schedule and appointment you may contact us at  529-3244

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