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While your pets may still seem like puppies and kittens to you, if they are over the age of six, they are actually considered seniors. And just like humans, senior pets need special care so they can continue to live a long, happy, and healthy life.  As veterinarian in Idaho Falls we like to share some knowledgeable information that may help you understand the caring needs of your senior pet(s).

The Importance of Semi-Annual Wellness Exams

Considering that your pet ages seven times faster than you do, bringing him or her into the vet only once a year is comparable to you or I going to the doctor once every seven years. If you’ve been bringing your pet in for once-a-year wellness exams up to this point (or skipping them all together), now is the time to transition to bi-annual senior wellness exams, instead.

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These important check-ups are the single best way that you can ease your pet into his or her golden years, and alleviate the effects of old age before larger problems develop. Following are just a few of the things we’ll do during this checkup.

  • Arthritis: At this appointment, we will be checking your senior pet for signs of arthritis. If you’ve noticed that your pet has had include trouble going up and down stairs, jumping up on furniture, or is slow to get up after lying down, please let us know.
  • Lumps and Bumps: Like humans, part of the aging process for dogs and cats includes some unwanted lumps and bumps. While some of them may be harmless, others could be a sign of cancer. Your veterinarian should be able to tell you his or her recommendations and treatment options after examining your pet’s bumps.
  • Blood Tests: Your pet may look great on the outside, but how do you know what the inside looks like?  Unfortunately, the only way to answer this question is to perform some blood tests to examine the kidneys, liver, thyroid, and other things.

Just because your pet is getting older doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that can be done to help them live the longest, happiest, and pain-free life possible. To help, we’re offering the following specials with your first Senior Wellness Exam (coupon required for discount).

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Don’t take any chances with the health of your beloved pet – call our veterinarian in Idaho Falls today to schedule an appointment today!

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