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Thanksgiving is an exciting time to be a pet…the interesting smells, lots of people to give you attention, and – best of all – the opportunity to snag some delicious table scraps.  But as a veterinarian in Idaho Falls we know the dangers that can be present this time of year.

As pet owners, we have to exercise caution, because while all table scraps might look and smell delicious to a pet, not all Thanksgiving food is good for them. If your pet gets into the wrong food, they can become quite ill. And nothing puts a damper on holiday festivities like having to rush your pet to the emergency care center.

So what should you watch out for?

veterinarian idaho falls turkeyTurkey: A bit of turkey is perfectly okay for dogs to eat, as long as it’s cooked and boneless. In general, lean white meat is better for your dog’s stomach than fattier dark meat or skin. Bones are a huge choking hazard and bird bones splinter easily and can severely injure your dog’s mouth, throat, esophagus or stomach if swallowed.

veterinarian idaho falls breadBread dough: If you’re baking some fresh rolls in the oven, make sure your dog doesn’t get into the raw dough. Dough can actually rise in your dog’s stomach, causing vomiting, abdominal pain, and bloating.

veterinarian idaho falls mashed potatoesMashed potatoes: Potatoes themselves aren’t unhealthy for dogs. But the things you add to them are. Dairy products with lactose, like butter, cream, and cheese can upset your dog’s stomach and intestines. Onions can be potentially fatal for dogs.

veterinarian idaho falls xylitolXylitol: If you’re adding any artificial sweeteners to your food, never share the food with your dog. Sweeteners containing Xylitol are highly toxic and potentially deadly to dogs.

Alcohol: Adult beverages are common at many holiday gatherings, but make sure all alcoholic beverages are out of your pet’s reach. Even a small amount of alcohol can be toxic to dogs.

veterinarian idaho falls chocolateChocolate: Many recipes call for baking chocolate, which is particularly dangerous for dogs – the more bitter the chocolate, the higher the levels of the chemicals in it that are toxic to canines.


Onions and Garlic: These common kitchen ingredients can cause gastrointestinal irritation and could lead to red blood cell damage. Foods containing onions or garlic, including gravy, stuffing, and some meat dishes, should be kept away from dogs.

Bones: Cooked bones can splinter and cause choking or severe damage to a dog’s digestive tract. Always keep cooked bones, including turkey and chicken bones, out of reach.

We know it’s tough to say no to those begging eyes, but remember that you’re doing it to keep your pet safe. And you don’t have to completely keep them away from your meal, just make sure to pick and choose which treats you give them. If you’re unsure, consult your veterinarian in Idaho Falls.

As long as you keep an eye out for lurking holiday food hazards, you and your pet are sure to have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

And if you’re not spending time with your pet during the holiday season, make sure you’re paying attention to any changes in behavior when you return from your travels. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

veterinarian idaho falls happy thanksgiving

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