Preventive Care

Adding Five More Years To Pet’s Life Isn’t Just A Clever Tagline. It Can Happen If You Follow Our Recommendations 

Skyline Animal Hospital has identified eight specific steps, when taken together, can add five more years to your pet’s life.

Preventative care is the most loving thing you can do for your pet’s health. Plus, it can avoid more costly treatments later… and keeps the bounce in your pet’s step longer.

Puppies Playing

Spay, Neuter, Microchip: Avoid Needless Risks and Find Them When Lost

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Cat being Checked

Regular Exams And Vaccines: Catch Problems Before They Become Serious And Expensive

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Dog and Cat Eating

Superior Nutrition: Good Food Is The Best Medicine

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Dog being Checked

Monthly Parasite Control As The AVMA Recommends: Stop The Epidemic In Its Tracks

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Checking Dog's Teeth

Regular Dental Cleanings: Diseased Teeth and Gums Can Lead to Kidney, Liver, Heart Disease, And Diabetes

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Appropriate Anesthetic Precautions: Keep Your Pet Safe And Sound

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Overweight Cat

Weight Control: Pet Obesity Is An Epidemic But Easier To Treat Because You Don’t Have To Do Any Of The Exercise

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Pet Blood Work

Regular Wellness Blood Work: Early Warning Alert To Many Deadly Diseases

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Thank you so much for all the care you give to my cats. Azazel did great after her last dental. She bounced right back after she got home. ...

Holly Samson




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