veterinarian in idaho falls tips how to travel with your pet

When you’re organizing a trip, you have plenty of details to worry about. And if you’re adding a pet to the trip, the details may begin to feel overwhelming. But regardless of the reason for your travel, you don’t have to leave your pet behind, and many people don’t.

Today your veterinarian in Idaho Falls are sharing some tips to show you how to keep yourself and your pet calm and comfortable, no matter what distance or mode you travel.

  1. Visit the vet. A standard physical will ensure your pet is in good health and ready for travel and prepare for potential anxiety or motion sickness.
  2. Prepare the paperwork. Customs officials can ask for a letter from your vet stating that your pet is in good health and free from disease so have one ready just in case.
  3. Temperature control. Temperature control is important for your pet’s comfort and safety. Never leave them in a car with the windows rolled up or outside when you are not there.
  4. Prepare a packing list. Providing your pet with a small backpack ensures that all their medication, toys, treats, dishes, and food are in one easy-to-carry package.
  5. Pack their favorites. The comfort and familiarity of your pet’s favorite blanket or bed is “must-have” addition to your gear.
  6. Explore travel gear. There is a wide variety of travel gear just for pets, and a few carefully-selected items can help your trip go smoothly. But remember to introduce your pet to these new items before your departure date.
  7. In with the new. Along with their old favorites, pack a fun new toy. The new amusement will distract your furry friend from being anxious.
  8. Pack more. When it comes to food, treats and other accessories (waste bags), pack more than you think you’ll possibly need. You’ll be glad you did.
  9. Research the policies. Carefully review hotel policies, because so-called “Pet-Friendly” hotels will often restrict their policies to dogs of a certain size, or charge a cleaning price.
  10. Walk it out. Before you check in, take your dog for a long walk and give your cat reassuring pets and cuddles. A rushed check-in will raise their anxiety.
  11. Keep it quiet. Ask for a hotel room in a quiet area with quick access to an exit to allow for easy walk breaks.

We hope these tips help ensure that your vacation with your pet is stress-free and fun. If you have any questions need additional information regarding keeping your pet calm, call your veterinarian in Idaho Falls today to schedule an appointment.

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