Pet Dental Health Care


Pet Dental Health Care

You’re a model pet owner. You take your four-legged friend for long walks, play with them, read labels on their food and never miss a veterinarian appointment. But are you keeping up with your pet’s oral health care?

A recent survey shows that while over half of pet owners admit their pet has bad breath, less than 10% schedule a cleaning to take care of the problem. Bad breath is more than just a sign your pet needs a good tooth brushing. He or she might even have a more serious issue, like an oral infection or gum disease.

To keep your pet’s mouth in tip-top shape, follow these pet dental health care guidelines.

See your vet for a dental exam. Visit your veterinarian at least once a year for a dental exam, cleaning, and complete dental X-rays. Only a fraction of the tooth can be seen on the exam – the rest of the tooth is covered by the gums and bone, and without dental X-rays, a large percentage of painful diseases can be missed.

Set up an at-home routine. Discuss with your veterinarian a complete at-home pet oral health care plan that includes brushing, but may also include water additives, dental chews, specialized diets, oral gels and rinses.

Brush as often as you can. Once you get approval from your vet, begin a tooth-brushing regimen, using toothpaste specially created for pets.

Look for symptoms. Remember, any odor from the mouth, swelling of the face, drooling, bleeding from the mouth, discoloration of the teeth, chipped or broken teeth, or eating more slowly than usual are most likely warning signs of a painful problem.

Look for signs of pain. One of the immediate effects of dental disease in pets is pain. Unfortunately, most dogs and cats do not show their owners they are in pain. They hide it well! Look for changes like loss of appetite, lack of activity, sensitivity to touch, sitting on top of his paws, or acting withdrawn and hiding.

Caring for your pet’s dental health is as important as caring for your own. When is the last time you addressed your pet’s oral health care? If it’s been awhile – don’t risk their health – call our office today to schedule an appointment! We want to ensure that your pet is receiving the best possible dental health care available in Idaho Falls.


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Thank you so much for all the care you give to my cats. Azazel did great after her last dental. She bounced right back after she got home. ...

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