Periodontal Disease in Pets



Periodontal Disease in Pets

Dental disease in pets is the most common disease of all those found in cats and dogs. It is infectious, inflammatory and typically progressive.  That is why it is important to diagnose periodontal disease in pets early to decide on the best treatment options.

Think of periodontal disease in pets as a war between the bacteria and your pet’s immune system. Bacteria cause destruction both directly and indirectly by the release of toxins.  Your pet’s immune system’s inflammatory response directly results in bacterial destruction, and indirectly in periodontal destruction.

The gums become red and inflamed, and may bleed while chewing toys, eating or during teeth brushing. This is the official first stage of periodontal disease in pets.  The supporting bones below the gums become infected and are destroyed.  The progression of this bone loss causes pain in your pet.

Some pets are reluctant to eat.  They may avoid hard food or even express facial discomfort.  Teeth become loose, and may abscess or fall out from loss of supporting tissues.  The abscess is often below the gums, and is unable to be seen.  This is why dental X-rays with periodontal probes are essential for accurate diagnosis of the dental disease in pets.

Bacterial toxins, destroyed tissues and live bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause even more severe consequences.  Research has demonstrated further injury to major organs such as the kidney, liver and heart.

Stages of Periodontal Disease

 in Pets

Stage 1: No bone loss on dental x-rays and normal periodontal probing.
Stage 2: 0-25% bone loss, bone loss.
Stage 3: 25-50% bone loss, deeper bone loss.
Stage 4: 50% or more bone loss and even deeper bone loss.

Without dental X-rays, periodontal probing and charting of these findings, it is impossible to diagnose, stage and optimally treat the most common disease existing in our companion animals.

Prevention of Periodontal Disease

The only way to prevent periodontal disease in pets is to start very young before the dental disease exists.  This is a very challenging task.

We encourage periodontal disease prevention by providing periodic pet teeth cleaning and thorough evaluations.  Pet owners are encouraged to routinely brush their pet’s teeth to remove plaque, and to prevent or to control periodontal disease.

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