veterinarian in idaho people food for pets

Being a veterinarian in Idaho Falls people always ask if “people food are safe for your pets?”.  We try our best to keep our dogs on their canine diets but sometimes we just can’t resist slipping them an occasional human treat. But if you like to reward your pet with a table scrap now and then, make sure that you choose people foods that are safe for stomachs.

Most of the foods that are good for humans are also okay for our dogs, and the reverse is true too. In other words, you can feed them lean meats and vegetables, but avoid the grains or carbs. Also keep in mind that the junk food that is bad for us is also bad for our dogs.

Today we’re sharing some tips for pet owners to consider.

veterinarian in idaho people food for pets

WARNING! It is important to keep portions to just a bite or two. The biggest concern to us at Skyline Animal Hospital with feeding your pet human food is that it can be difficult to keep them from gaining weight. Pets that eat a lot of human food are usually overweight.

Push the veggies. Although meat is the backbone of a good canine diet, veggies and fruit are also healthy. Dogs, like humans, can handle a variety of foods.

Balance it. Keep in mind that puppies, seniors, and dogs with particular health conditions have different nutritional requirements.

Reduce the fat. Too much fat in a dog’s diet can cause some serious problems including vomiting, diarrhea, or even pancreatitis. Stay away from fatty meat, skin, butter, and other high-fat foods.

Beware of bones – cooked and raw. Almost everyday I find or fix broken teeth in a dog…and bones are almost always the cause. Cooked bones can cause choking or even intestinal blockages. And although raw bones are popular among some natural pet food promoters, some experts think they’re just as risky.

If you wouldn’t eat it – don’t feed it to your dog. When vets say don’t feed table scraps, they mean don’t feed what’s left on the plate when you’ve finished. Fat, gristle, and skin aren’t good for you or your dog.

Do your research before you start. Some foods that are fine for you – such as grapes and chocolate – can make your dog very ill. Before you give any people food to your dog, thoroughly conduct your research.

If you want to add human foods to your dog’s diet, remember to try them in small amounts and if your dog experiences any sort of reaction, call us right away.

Questions about your dog’s diet? Call our office to speak with a veterinarian in Idaho Falls to schedule an appointment so we can discuss your concerns.

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