Dog Tartar Removal

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Dog Tartar Removal

You’ve probably seen it—the nasty brown-stained teeth when your dog smiles, pants, or yawns. Tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth can lead to serious health problems. It doesn’t take long to form and it gets right to work. It’s your job, as a pet owner, to take care of your pet’s dental health, which means taking care of dog tartar removal before it becomes a problem.

Tartar starts its journey on your dog’s teeth as plaque, which begins to form hours after a dog eats. As plaque combines with the salts found in dog saliva, it builds up and hardens, which is when it turns into tartar. And tartar is like a welcoming sign to dental problems and gum disease—opening the door to pain, illness, and a host of expensive medical bills.

But your dog’s teeth aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. As tartar builds up along the gum line, it pushes the gums away from the teeth. This exposes the roots of the teeth, which are no longer covered by enamel. Because the roots are no longer protected, it leaves them open to sensitivities, causing your dog pain and discomfort.

Dog Tartar Removal

Don’t let tartar get the upper hand in your dog’s mouth. There are things you can do to get rid of it or minimize its presence, many of which you can do at home:

Brush your dog’s teeth;
Give your dog dental treats;
At least a yearly dental cleaning at your vet.

While you’re brushing your dog’s teeth, keep an eye out for the warning signs of gum disease. These include bad breath, a brownish crust of tartar around the gum line, red and swollen gums, and pain or bleeding when you touch his gums or mouth.

We offer professional dog tartar removal for your pet. If you would like more information, call our office today to schedule a consultation. We want to ensure that your dog is receiving the best possible dental health care available.


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