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Kittens have 26 teeth, adult cats have 30 teeth, and most human adults have 32 teeth. And just as we need to visit the dentist, your feline needs to visit your veterinarian to get dental care for cats, too. Taking care of your cat’s oral health is the best way to ward off dental pain and disease.

Bad Dental Care for Cats = Cats in Pain

Over the years, we’ve seen countless feline patients with severe and painful mouth conditions. Some drool constantly, some can barely manage to eat and most suffer from constant mouth pain. Dental disease is incredibly painful and detrimental to overall health and happiness – in people and cats.

You should seek professional dental care for cats if your feline has:

Painful areas around the mouth or if he/she refuses to eat;
Excessive drooling;
Grinding teeth;
Abnormally red gums;
Only chews on one side of the mouth, or drops food while eating;
A foul odor coming from the mouth.

Cats are very adept at hiding pain, so bad breath is the only symptom that you will probably see in your cat. If your cat has noticeable bad breath, you should schedule a dental exam with your veterinarian.

How You Can Maintain Your Cat’s Oral Health

There are two keys to ensuring your cat doesn’t suffer the effects of poor dental care. First, make sure your cat gets a regular dental exam with your veterinarian and schedule an appointment to have his/her teeth cleaned and scaled so you have a clean slate.

Second, start a program of home care. A lot of cat owners don’t think their cats will stand for tooth brushing, and some of them are right. Try these helpful steps.

Work up to brushing.
Choose dental toys and treats for your cat.
Use a dental rinse.

Preventive cat dental care isn’t difficult and the payoff is huge. You can extend your cat’s life and make his/her days far more comfortable by adding cat dental care to your pet’s life.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment to ensure that your cat is receiving the best feline dental health care in Idaho Falls. Our staff is here to help make taking care of your pet’s oral health easy for you, while making it as painless and comfortable for your feline friend as possible.


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Thank you so much for all the care you give to my cats. Azazel did great after her last dental. She bounced right back after she got home. ...

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